7 december 2018

Content isn’t king, relevance is!

The world around us is changing; customer brand loyalty is decreasing, partly due to the influence of (social) media, which can demolish reputations within a day. Besides that, brands are struggling and are trying to create even more content for the masses to stay relevant and visible.
Content isn’t king, relevance is!
This is a real old school tactic from a consumer’s perspective: in reality, a few funny movies or a guerrilla stunt won’t make a difference for reputation anymore because something that should be relevant for everyone isn’t relevant for anyone. Therefore, brands should stop making “viral” video’s and start with a purpose driven long-term strategy. 
Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ solution is to focus on relevant content that resonates with specific media or specific communities around brands. This content should be about things consumers really care about: customer intimacy, purpose, brand values, social responsibility, (financial) results and innovation in products and services. By looking at these factors, brands can really improve their reputation in today's digitalized world.

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