Code of Professional Conduct

Employees of Hill+Knowlton Strategies B.V. pledge to uphold the letter and spirit of this Code of Conduct in the course of providing service to our clients and any other activities. As professionals, we are committed to the goals of better communication and improved understanding among the many diverse groups in the countries in which we work.

This code has been developed through employee consultation and draws inspiration from similar codes adopted and promoted by our industry’s associations.
1 Clients shall be served to the highest professional standards
of excellence. The highest standards of professionalism
will be upheld in our work. All communications
should be honest in content, candid and accurate.

2 Employees shall deal fairly and honestly with the media,
government and the public. Employees shall not act
improperly to influence the media, the public or government
bodies. We will practice openness and full disclosure in
our work.

3 Employees must be honest and accurate. No one shall
disseminate false or misleading information. No one
shall make insupportable claims or comparisons, or
assume credit for ideas and words not their own.

4 Employees shall deal fairly with past or present employers/
clients, with fellow practitioners, and with members
of other professions. Employees shall not malign or
intentionally damage another practitioner’s practice or professional
reputation. All shall understand, respect and abide by the
ethical codes of other professions with whose members they
may work from time to time.

5 Employees have the right to decline to work on a project
if it is in conflict with their own values or beliefs without
compromising their current position or career
opportunity at Hill+Knowlton Strategies B.V.

6 Conflicting or competing interests will not be represented
without the express consent of those concerned,
given after a full disclosure of the facts.

7 Employees shall personally accept no fees, commissions,
gifts or any other considerations for professional
services from anyone except employers or clients for
whom the services were specifically performed. The payment of
fees or other compensation for work must come only from the
client for whom the work is performed.

8 The spirit and letter of all laws will be upheld. All laws,
securities regulations, lobby registration disclosure
requirements, human rights codes and regulations must
be observed, including those pertaining to communication, such
as copyright law.

9 Employees will not seek personal gain based on any
confidential information gained as a result of professional
activity for the benefit of themselves or others.
Confidential information cannot be used to give inside advantage
to stock transactions, gain an advantage from outsiders,
assist a competing company for whom one is going to work or
otherwise act to the detriment of an organization. Such information
must remain confidential during and after one’s employment

10 All employees shall deal fairly and honestly with
each other. Our people shall respect their mutual
needs for feedback, development and communications
concerning issues as they affect the individual and the
All employees shall review and sign a copy of this code
thereby acknowledging its receipt.