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Strategic Intelligence

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is the only communication agency in the Netherlands with a Strategic Intelligence department. We established this department realizing that the best advice is not possible without deep insights in aspects that influence the situation of our clients.
Strategic Intelligence Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our researchers and analysts have the task to gather, interpret and analyse information, in order to generate relevant insights for the development of a successful communication strategy.
They use several public sources both online and offline. Think of tools like Factiva, Lexis Nexis, different search engines, social media, interviews with stakeholders and opinion polls. They also interpret information that clients generate themselves for example via market research.

Our Strategic Intelligence department performs research into all relevant stakeholders for the assignment. We map their opinions and arguments, their impact on the clients’ environment and their relative positions towards each other. Our researchers also show which information about both the client as well as relevant stakeholders is known, who influences this information, which channels are used and what the tone of voice and frequency of this information is. These insights often make the difference in the recommendations to our clients.