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Sports communications

The organisation and sponsoring of sports, cultural or social activities might seem very simple: the organisation provides the financial resources, and the event will generate positive media attention.
Sportcommunicatie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
But how can the organisation generate maximum visibility in the media by organising media relations and sponsoring efforts for teams, activities and events for the organisation or product? All too often, press releases are written at the very last minute, without any thought to how the story should feature in the media.

Sports communication concentrates on the following two items:

1. Visibility of the sports organisation, the candidature, the event or the sponsor
2. Ability of the sport organisation, the candidature, the event or the sponsor to distinguish itself

The message must be developed at an early stage. This key. It must be developed in line with expectations, objectives, motives, relevance, promise and proof of committed organisation(s).

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ experts have broad experience in:

• developing and implementing sports communication programmes (free publicity)
• setting up and maintaining sponsoring management and communication programmes in the field of sport. These programmes feature all elements that have the power to decide successful sponsoring, with maximum media attention and impact on the target groups
• Strategy development consultancy
• Issues & crisis management
• Message development & media and effect measurement
• Media management, accreditation and assistance during photo sessions for instance
• Supplying crews for events in the Netherlands and abroad through the international Hill+Knowlton Strategies network.

Our (recent) clients include:
The HollandBelgium Bid WC 2018/2022, Olympisch Vuur (Olympic plan 2028), the Johan Cruyff Foundation, More than Football, KNMV (The Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association), KNWU (The Royal Dutch Cycling Association), KNSB (The Royal Dutch Skating Association)

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Paul Kok
Associate Strategy Director

phone: +31204044707
email: paul.kok@hkstrategies.com