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One of the public affairs issues handled by Hill+Knowlton Strategies is GroenGas Mobiel – an initiative that seeks to make it possible for Dutch motorists to use green gas.
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Public Affairs

The ability to read the political and social agenda can be crucial in determining how an organisation performs and even whether or not it survives. To achieve growth, development and marketing aims, and sometimes simply to survive, large international organisations, national trading companies, NGOs and social institutions all need to know what decisions are being made in the Hague and how to influence the decision-making process.
Public affairs Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands is part of a large international public affairs network and can serve as your messenger and guide in this field. Our consultants apply their expertise to political monitoring and research, contact with government organisations, multimedia awareness raising campaigns and issues and crisis management. They are able to identify political stakeholders, engage with political media and set up and implement of strategies for communication via electronic and social media. 

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has public affairs experience in the food, retail, financial services, environment, healthcare, energy, telecom, utility and transport sectors among others.

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Anthony Hellegers
Communications Director Public Affairs

phone: +31204044707
email: anthony.hellegers@hkstrategies.com