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Pensions and related issues

The credit crisis has turned the peaceful world of pensions on its head. Directors and managers are faced with issues of enormous social impact. Participants, the media and the AFM all call for greater transparency while the DNB demands more security and less risk, as do those entitled to the pensions. Quarterly lists of cover percentages, indexation, yields and costs only add to the pressure.
Pensioen en issues Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants are experts and advise directors and mangers of many pension funds and implementing bodies on how to deal with these challenges. Not only to they provide strategic advice on communication policies in these modern times, but they also offer assistance when faced with issues and (anticipated) incidents that call for extra expertise and insight.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ specialist pension unit also assists project groups of pension funds and implementing bodies in developing new communication approaches and tools to address the participants.
The pension industry faces a time of consolidation during which Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ knowledge and experience of M&A and Change & Internal teams will prove unique and invaluable. 

Hill+Knowlton Strategies advises large, medium and small pension funds.


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