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Not only the content of your message but also how you put it across determines whether and how your company, brand or product is featured in editorial columns. Our media trainers can help you develop your messages and prepare for your interactions with journalists. They will teach you how to convey your messages in a way that gets journalists to treat them as newsworthy.
Mediatraining Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our training courses are specially tailored to the specific needs of the spokesperson. You learn the techniques, the dos and don’ts, and the attitudes and approaches you need to adopt to come across as a powerful and balanced spokesperson. A good spokesperson is able to keep control of a crisis and draw attention to the advantages of a product or service in a compelling way. During the training you will receive helpful feedback from an experienced journalist which will increase your ability to align your message with the agenda of the media. Authoritative spokespersons are able to get positive coverage in the press, on television and on the radio. And a positive media climate will enhance your company’s reputation, creating advantages that last for years.

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