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Not a single other communication advisory agency was more involved in M&A transactions in the last years than Hill+Knowlton Strategies.
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M&A communications throughout Europe - creating deal acceptance

The European Financial+M&A Practice at Hill+Knowlton Strategies offers communications counsel for national and transnational M&A transactions across Europe. The team of M&A communications experts, who have an impressive track record of impactful transactions, provide strategic advice in close consultation with external financial and legal counselors.

M&A communications throughout Europe - creating deal acceptance
The strengths of Hill+Knowlton’s M&A offer is the ability to combine local insight and stakeholder access as well as the capacity to bridge cultural differences. These core strengths of the M&A team at Hill+Knowlton are unmatched in the European financial communications sector. Hill+Knowlton’s offerings include specific intelligence of and access to the relevant government bodies within the European Union’s and European Commission’s regulatory frameworks.

Our approach to effective M&A transaction support is based upon the principles to combine key fields of expertise: financial (investor community), corporate (reputation), issues (crisis) and public affairs. Hill+Knowlton Strategies strongly believe this is the best mix to safeguard deal acceptance among all stakeholders and achieve the two main M&A communications goals:  creating support for the transaction and protecting the reputation of the boards, companies and advisors involved in the transaction.

The M&A communications offer is directly accessible via our offices in the Hill+Knowlton European network. The European Practice, represented in Amsterdam and London, is closely linked to the New York and Hong Kong financial hubs in our global Financial+M&A Practice which enables us to provide immediate cross continental services.

Hill+Knowlton Financial+M&A European Practice: cross-border transaction support

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