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Companies spend billions of euros on the careful development of a sound reputation. Yet all of their efforts can be wiped out in seconds by a fault in a product, fraud, system errors, attacks by hackers, industrial action, fire, industrial incidents and other unfortunate and unforeseen events.
Issues & Crisis management Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Crisis communications support:
Issues & crisis communications team Hill+Knowlton Strategies The Netherlands:
+31 6 55 86 79 04

Our crisis consultants are available through +31-6-21 87 37 06 after office hours.

A crisis is always unexpected and can cause huge financial and reputation damage in very short space of time. However, if when faced with a crisis situation an organisation actively approaches its target groups with a clear, unequivocal message, it can minimise damage and preserve its corporate reputation. Hill+Knowlton Strategies specialists serve as communication consultants in crisis situations and help organisations to prepare for worst case outcomes. They conduct vulnerability analyses, identify possible crisis scenarios, provide procedures to follow in the event of a crisis, organise simulations of crisis situations with typical real-life time pressure and help clients manage an actual crisis.

Our experience is broad and very varied. Our crisis teams have gained a powerful reputation on the strength of their response to industrial and transport incidents, environmental problems, industrial disputes, the closing down of businesses, media and government investigations, product recalls and financial irregularities, among other things.

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Issues & crisis communications team Hill+Knowlton Strategies The Netherlands: Ingo Heijnen

Hill+Knowlton Strategies the Netherlands
P.O. Box 87360
1080 JJ Amsterdam
tel: (020) 404 47 07
fax: (020) 644 97 36

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Ingo Heijnen
Chairman and Sr. Vice President Operations Continental Europe

phone: +31204044707
email: ingo.heijnen@hkstrategies.com