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Flight School

Put theory into practice with Flight School, our comprehensive crisis simulation offering that combines crisis expertise, proprietary simulation technology, and long-running experience at planning, organizing and orchestrating drills.
Flight School
Led by experienced H+K Strategies staff, organizations emergency response and communications team simulate what would happen in the event of a real crisis.

Flight School Technology

To ensure fully immersive and realistic simulations, we utilize a proprietary technology. Flight School’s dashboard shows participants what would be happening in the news media, on blogs, on Twitter, and on Facebook. 

Multiple stakeholders - customers, employees, partner groups, government and regulators, the media, NGOs and the general public – are incorporated into exercises. Participants can issue a press release, write a blog post, respond to clients on Twitter, or craft Facebook page posts within the simulation. Commentary and feedback will be provided from the most realistic channels based on what you are - or aren’t - saying during the simulation.

Completely secure and private, Flight School’s dashboard allows you to interact with both traditional and social media without the risk of posting anything publicly. This allows you to directly incorporate social media managers and others responsible for front-line crisis response.

Immediately following the simulation, we conduct a debriefing to discuss the exercise. Within two weeks, we will deliver a comprehensive overview of the simulation, incorporating key takeaways and suggestions for changes to crisis preparedness plans, procedures, and training.

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