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Digital Communications

How do I protect my organisation’s reputation now my brands and products seem to be discussed all the time? How do I reach consumers and business clients at a time when simply thinking in terms of trusted target groups no longer seems relevant?
Digital Communications Hill+Knowlton Strategies
These are just two questions faced by today’s communication professionals in both corporate and marketing communication, where borders are blurring. The rise and success of new social digital media has significant implications for the communication between organisations and the public. Hill+Knowlton Strategies offers organisations strategic advice and practical assistance in “the new communication” with the customer, potential customers, and all stakeholders your organisation deals with. A number of questions are central in this:

• How to organise communication now disciplines are no longer distinct?
• How to integrate offline and online activities in a single effective strategy?
• How to listen to  what is being said about your brand and products? And how to draw the right conclusions?
• How to use the opportunities the new digital reality offers my organisation?

We would like to talk to you about your new communication. After all, designing and actually using digital strategies in your overall communication activities is so much more than just allowing your communication staff to use twitter, or to put a nicely designed page on a social network. A lot more! And we are happy to show you how.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has developed and conducted successful digital communication campaigns for SIRE, Wacom, Silvo, Biogen IDEC, ING Retail (internal communications), Reaal Assurances, National Postal Code Lottery, RIM/Blackberry, C1000, Danone, and many other clients.