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Corporate communications

Society expects businesses to be trustworthy and transparent. Companies are concerned about their corporate reputation – and rightly so. A good reputation makes it easier to find business partners, build market share, increase shareholder value and attract talented personnel. Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Corporate Practice excels in changing and enhancing corporate and institutional reputations.
Corporate communications Hill+Knowlton Strategies
As communication challenges increase, the status of a company’s reputation becomes all the more important. Customers are more demanding, stakeholders are more critical, financial legislation is more exacting and the corporate sector is more likely to be held responsible for developments in society.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies offers an integrated approach that encompasses financial, internal, marketing and corporate communication. Our specialist teams are able to advise you on reputation management, issues and crisis management, (re)branding and CEO and board positioning. Our consultants will put you in touch with the most important issues and help you determine key messages and adopt a communication strategy that will reach all of your stakeholders. Hill+Knowlton Strategies can also assist with implementation if you wish. 

Clients who have sought our advice on corporate communication include
AkzoNobel, Deloitte, Grunenthal, Jumbo, NetApp, OC&C Strategy Consultants, Rabobank, Raet, NS and Vastned.