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Corporate Marketing

A preference for a successful consumer product is inextricably linked to a preference for the company behind it. Corporate Marketing is therefore one of Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ most important core activities.
Corporate Marketing Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our Corporate and Marketing professionals combine their expertise with a view to enhancing reputation and improving commercial success. So our clients see a positive effect on their bottom line and assume the responsibility associated with retaining their license to operate in the longer term. Consumers are stakeholders. And stakeholders are consumers. Brands have to show that they are adept at coping with this reality. Internally and externally. And this applies even more so if the product brand name is the same as the corporate brand name!
Hill+Knowlton Strategies has professionals who are aware of and conversant with this changing reality and able to utilise it in brand and corporate storytelling. Creativity in strategy and execution - combined with a pragmatic approach and a measurable result - are important principles for Hill+Knowlton Strategies in this respect.
Hill+Knowlton Strategies operates at the cutting edge of Corporate Marketing for clients such as BlackBerry, Danone, KPN, McDonald’s, P&G and Wacom.