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Communications strategy

Above all, a communications strategy defines how we communicate information. How the available (communication) resources are used to advance a company's interests and objectives. Making decisions based on the right information.
Communicatiestrategie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
In this decision-making process Hill+Knowlton Strategies focuses primarily on stakeholders and editorial and journalistic activities in the media. Corporate advertising may also be appropriate. What is the message and what choices do we have in terms of the argument we present? Do we have enough information? What information are we lacking and how do we obtain it? Do we take the initiative, or do we wait for questions from the media? Do we adopt an online-only approach, a radio-only approach or a multi-media approach? In order to pursue an effective communications strategy that advances a company's or organisation’s interests and (business) objectives.

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Ingo Heijnen
Chairman and Sr. Vice President Operations Continental Europe

phone: +31204044707
email: ingo.heijnen@hkstrategies.com