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The world of technology is sexy and complex. Technology has a huge impact on our lives, on how we work and how we spend our leisure time. It has turned people into world citizens who can be in contact with their environment at all times if they wish.
Technologie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Yet the success of technology and the success of particular brands and products is still largely determined by local cultural aspects. Knowledge and experience of local demographic differences in countries and segments can make a huge difference for a brand or product. With the expertise that it has developed in different markets and market segments Hill+Knowlton Strategies can make all the difference between a mild breeze and powerful tail winds behind technology brands and products.

This kind of expertise is a decisive factor in the hyper-competitive technology sector in which market parties have to collaborate and compete with one another, sometimes within the same company and at the same time. This calls for careful manoeuvring amidst the shifting webs of strategic alliances, genuinely collaborative ventures and love-hate relationships with the competition. Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants understand technology – the commercial side of technology, its complexity, and the promise it holds.

We work for more technology companies than any other agency. Our clients choose use because we do more than tech PR and because we do it in more places in the world than any other agency.

The Technology Practice in Amsterdam works for clients of all sizes in both the B2B segment and the consumer tech segment. Our clients include RIM/BlackBerry, Fujitsu, Wacom, Logica.