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Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants are familiar with the world of sport. The sport brands, the top athletes, the sport organisations… This is a special industry that often has billions of people on the edge of their seats. An industry that involves huge interests and one in which success and failure lie very close to each other.
Sport Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our consultants know their way around the world of sport and they also know how to successfully bring sports, athletes, products and brands to the attention of the public.

Active engagement in sport and the enjoyment of spectator sports have both become increasingly popular in recent years. An economic downturn will do little to change this. Millions of Dutch sports fans want their teams to win. Clients ranging from clothing brands to players from other industries that hope to gain the maximum return from their sponsorship can count on Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants to present their brands and products to optimal effect in the full glare of the stadium spotlights!

Our (recent) clients include:
The HollandBelgium Bid WC 2018/2022, Olympisch Vuur (Olympic Plan 2028), the Johan Cruyff Foundation, More than Football, KNMV (The Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association), KNWU (The Royal Dutch Cycling Association), KNSB (The Royal Dutch Skating Association)