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Health & wellbeing

Communication about health and healthcare has to strike a balance between integrity and flair. Reliability and credibility are even more important in communication about health than they are in other sectors. Hill+Knowlton Strategies advises organisations accordingly at strategic and executive levels.
Welzijn en gezondheid Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our consultants initiate and deliver impactful campaigns for products, brands and organisations in the health and wellbeing sector.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has an experienced healthcare team that can point the way. The members of the team are specialists in the field of healthcare and generalists in the field of communication. They know the players in the health sector and the possibilities offered by Dutch and international legislation.

When dealing with healthcare issues, in-depth knowledge and experience are essential because developments occur rapidly. Today we are dealing with a review of the healthcare system and the consequences of the aging of the population, tomorrow we are highlighting the launch of a revolutionary new drug, the day after that we may be handling a product recall. Reliability and credibility are crucial for companies and institutions in the healthcare sector. Endorsement is also important. Can a person, a scientific study or an institute prove your company or product fulfils its promise? And how are you going to publicise this proof?

Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants are (or have been) involved in a range of campaigns, including: 
  • The launch of certain drugs in the Dutch market and the handling of issues related to reimbursement.
  • The launch of foods labelled with a health claim
  • Crisis communication: crisis prevention and crisis management
  • Media training for management and doctors
  • Message Development Workshops
  • Corporate reputation management
  •  PR/PA processes: campaigns aimed at the government and the general public
Current and recent clients include:
Biogen Idec, KCI, MSD, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Roche Nederland and Novartis.