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Not a single other communication advisory agency was more involved in M&A transactions in the last years than Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Financial services

Financial communication is one of the things that Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands specialises in. Hill+Knowlton Strategies Financial – a team of specialist financial communication consultants within Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands who concentrate on advising and supporting (prospective) listed companies and financial services providers – implements a fully integrated approach that encompasses financial communication, media relations, ‘thought leadership’, crisis and issues management and stakeholder communication.
Financiële dienstverlening Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Among Hill+Knowlton Strategies Financial’s clients, banks, insurers, asset managers, pension funds and other companies and organisations that provide financial products and services form a special group. These companies are now attracting more (critical) attention than ever. Legislative and regulatory requirements make transparency and duty of care a focal point in communication with customers. On the one hand this makes life more difficult for financial services providers, on the other it presents them with opportunities to stand out in a positive way.

Companies and organizations in the financial sector we are working for include: ELQHypotheken, PGGM, Holland Financial Centre, SNS REAAL, MoneYou and IZZ.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has recently provided consultancy services in a large number of transactions