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Financiële dienstverlening Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Financial communication is one of the things that Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands specialises in. Hill+Knowlton Strategies Financial – a team of specialist financial communication consultants within Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands who concentrate on advising and supporting (prospective) listed companies and financial services providers – implements a fully integrated approach that encompasses financial communication, media relations, ‘thought leadership’, crisis and issues management and stakeholder communication.
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Energie en Petrochemie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Energy and utility companies operate in a field that is always in flux. Legislative and regulatory requirements, fierce competition and environmental issues exert relentless pressure and present organisations with massive communication challenges.
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Voeding Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Today’s consumers are increasingly discerning about what they eat and drink. They are better informed of the risks of obesity-related disorders, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And the government has also stepped up the pressure, with legislative and regulatory requirements that do little to simplify communication about food products.
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Technologie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
The world of technology is sexy and complex. Technology has a huge impact on our lives, on how we work and how we spend our leisure time. It has turned people into world citizens who can be in contact with their environment at all times if they wish.
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Welzijn en gezondheid Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Communication about health and healthcare has to strike a balance between integrity and flair. Reliability and credibility are even more important in communication about health than they are in other sectors. Hill+Knowlton Strategies advises organisations accordingly at strategic and executive levels.
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Media & Entertainment Hill+Knowlton Strategies
If there is one industry in which developments happen rapidly, it is the media and entertainment industry. The constant creative and technological innovation keeps manufacturers on their toes, but at the same time it also presents a massive communication challenge.
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Defence and Security
Defence and Security are areas we specialise in, not only within the context of corporate communications but also in terms of public affairs.Cyber security, replacement of defence assets, sourcing, positioning of safety house networks and special investigating officers are all current themes.
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Retail Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Consumer confidence is a brittle thing with a brief shelf life. Retailers are always the first to feel the effects of an economic recession. As the ones on the front line of the economic mechanism, they are the first to notice that people are keeping a tight hand on their purse strings and that preferences are changing.
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Sport Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants are familiar with the world of sport. The sport brands, the top athletes, the sport organisations… This is a special industry that often has billions of people on the edge of their seats. An industry that involves huge interests and one in which success and failure lie very close to each other.
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