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GroenGas Mobiel

One of the public affairs issues handled by Hill+Knowlton Strategies is GroenGas Mobiel – an initiative that seeks to make it possible for Dutch motorists to use green gas.
GroenGas Mobiel
The aim is to establish equivalence between green gas and electric motoring for tax purposes. To achieve this we are advocating a ‘well to wheel’ approach. This means that when assessing sustainability the way energy is generated also needs to be taken into account. Green gas is actually far more eco-friendly than electricity in this respect. It also has the added advantage that it involves the use of waste substances such as manure and fruit, vegetable and garden waste.

Green gas is a sound Dutch product that can also make an effective contribution to the achievement of our sustainability objectives. Hill+Knowlton Strategies is helping to put this issue on the political agenda!