14 March 2018
The Netherlands wants to be on the European forefront in digitalization, smart cities and mobility. This ambition is based on successes from the past: The Netherlands has an excellent digital infrastructure and is leading in connectivity. That is great to accommodate the explosive growth in mobile data use of consumers and enterprises, which is the era of 3G and 4G. The future, however, belongs to 5G. This new generation mobile technology is crucial for the introduction of autonomous driving, eHealth and the ´internet of things´. Applications that give answers to societal challenges like urbanization, mobility, healthcare and education.  The EU regards 5G as a strategic opportunity that can be decisive for the societal and economic future of Europe and wants 5G to be available in 2020.
14 December 2017
By the time this CFO Magazine is published, most listed companies will have presented their third-quarter figures. The final sprint to achieve a good year has started, with the hope of meeting market expectations. So, what are ‘expectations’ and what is ‘the market?’ In practice, these conceptions are more complex than ever. As regards the market, I would like to zoom in on shareholders. I deliberately do not say the shareholders. After all, ‘the shareholder’ ceased to exist a long time ago. The differences between shareholders are such that it is difficult to draw up policies accordingly, let alone satisfy all of them.