Jack de Vries

Jack de Vries

Jack de Vries manages to analyze complex issues efficiently and deliver  adequate advice. Both the world of government and  media have no secrets for him. Jack accommodates companies to survive in the mediocracy. This can be a current issue about reputation or the wish to influence the decision process. His core competence is stakeholder management. This relates to media as well as decision-makers and possible intermediaries and endorsers within the line of business. As a former spokesman, strategic adviser and deputy-minister, he was able to gain experience in many policy areas. Since 2011, Jack’s experience contributes to the success of Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the Netherlands.

Within the board of management of Hill+Knowlton, Jack is responsible for the public affairs practice. The essence of effective lobbying is to recognize trends, devise alternatives, build coalitions and convince relevant stakeholders. This doesn’t solely focus on national politics but also at provincial and municipal government. For instance in achieving effective procurement processes for infrastructure projects. The grounds of public health and –of course- security and defense are also among the specialties of Jack.

Prior to Hill+Knowlton Strategies Jack had his own business in communications, which he started in June 2010. He was State Secretary for Defence in the fourth Balkenende government from December 2007 till May 2010. In this position he was responsible for Defence personnel, material, real estate and ICT. Before that he worked at Boer & Croon Corporate Communication as an associate partner. Jack started working in politics in 1997 and held various appointments: Head of Public Information of the Christian Democrats CDA parliamentary party, political secretary to the Prime Minister at the Ministry of General Affairs and national campaign manager for the elections of 2006 and 2007.

Jack studied Political Science at VU University Amsterdam. After his study Jack became a public information officer/journalist in the Royal Netherlands Army. He still is active as a reserve-officer (ltcol) at the 1 CMI-commando. He acts as a political commentator in the Dutch media regularly. 

phone: +31204044707
email: jack.devries@hkstrategies.com