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Directors of Influence

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is called in by clients when it really matters. Our team of experienced specialists is second to none when it comes to operating at a high strategic level and assisting companies and organisations in the most difficult circumstances. No matter whether that involves enhancing or safeguarding a company’s reputation, changes in legislation, mergers and acquisitions, product launches or crisis management. In situations such as these we orchestrate communications designed to influence the stakeholders that are relevant to our clients. And we do this across a wide range of digital and traditional channels. We are the 'Directors of Influence'.

Regisseurs van communicatie Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Our agency has been based in the Netherlands for more than 40 years. Our parent company, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Inc, has been operating for almost 90 years. In 1927 John Hill and Don Knowlton were the communication pioneers of their day. This desire to innovate has been a consistent hallmark of the company’s success. Hill+Knowlton was the first agency to open offices in Russia and China and is rapidly establishing a presence in Africa. In fact, the company now has about 87 offices in 50 countries. As a client you benefit from the resources of this network, which can apply local and international expertise in addressing your particular issue. From our office in the Netherlands we work in close collaboration with more than 2,500 fellow experts worldwide.

When it really matters, when our clients are faced with the most challenging strategic situations, we craft the right message and use the right media to influence public opinion, political sentiment and the views of experts. The consultants at Hill+Knowlton Strategies are at your disposal and will orchestrate the content, channel mix and timing of your communications. You will find them to be reliable advisors with extensive knowledge and expertise - dedicated partners who work alongside you and your team.