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Hill+Knowlton Strategies Nederland
P.O. Box 87360
1080 JJ Amsterdam
tel: (020) 404 47 07
fax: (020) 644 97 36

Visiting address Amsterdam office:
Weerdestein 20
1083 GA Amsterdam

The entrance to the Hill+Knowlton Strategies office in Amsterdam is located to the side of the Europaboulevard. All parking possibilities nearby need to be paid for. Hill+Knowlton Strategies operates an online facility, through which we offer to account for our visitors’ parking costs. Please inquire at the reception desk.

Route description Amsterdam

Visiting address The Hague office:
Amaliastraat 9
2514 JC Den Haag
tel: (070) 3 111 999

For more information about Hill+Knowlton Strategies worldwide, visit our worldwide website. Have a look at our EMEA website as well.